The Remodel Rx Roofing Installation Process

A roof installation process you can count on. Transparency is deeply entrenched in our customer care. We want you to know what to expect when we come to your home and install your roofing system.
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One of the reasons homeowners have to get their roofs repaired or replaced is poor installation. The installation process is imperative to the longevity of your roof. 

At Remodel Rx, we make sure your roof is installed with the utmost care and precision.
We understand that this is a big investment, and it is our job to improve the health of your Maryland home. Read more about our process and the products we use to ensure
that your roof is installed properly.

How We Install Our Roofs

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Step 1: Prepare home and driveway for roof replacement

We start the process by making sure your driveway is clear of all cars and items so that the hauling trailer can be easily accessed by the workers.

  • Make sure all pets are in fenced areas around workers
  • Remove any breakable items, such as flower pots from the perimeter of the home
  • We ensure that all workers are wearing proper safety gear when appropriate
Maryland Roofing Company

Step 2: Remove existing roof structure

We start to remove the old roofing system. This begins by starting at the base of the roof on all slopes and working our way upwards.

  • Shingles are removed with flat tools to dis-adhere them from the roof decking
  • Felt paper, or underlayment is removed
  • Roofing nails and staples are removed, or nailed flat into the nail decking
  • Exhaust vents, solar panels, and satellite dishes are carefully removed to ensure their safety and proper reassembly
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Step 3: Ensure proper flashing

We replace the metal flashing around the chimney and other roof penetrations and make sure they are properly installed. A drip edge is used on the perimeter of the roofing structure. This provides a lip that allows rainwater to drip further away from the home.

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Step 4: Install underlayment

We install synthetic underlayment as a barrier under your roofing materials to keep moisture away from your roof’s wood decking. This synthetic layer is heavier and more protective than felt paper and must be used to ensure warranty protection.

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Step 5: Install roofing material

We move forward with the installation of the roofing. Whether you are replacing asphalt shingles or flat roofing products, it’s important that the roofing technicians follow product and industry best practices. Our roofing technicians also make sure to install roofs in line with company specifications to ensure warranty compliance.

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Step 6: Clean up and roofing inspection

We will wrap up the installation process by clearing out debris, and completing an inspection.

  • By using heavy-duty professional magnets, we are able to find and clear out any debris from your home’s roof, driveway, and yard
  • A project manager will thoroughly inspect the roof installation and materials
  • We will meet with the homeowner to finalize the job and receive full payment for materials used and work performed
Roofing Contractor Maryland

Step 7: Warranty

  • Your roof materials are warrantied by the manufacturer
  • Roofing labor is warrantied by the roofing contractor that installs your roof
  • All warranties are paid for and processed by the contractor and will be kept on file for the customer

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