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Roof Repair

Repair or Replace?

# 1 Factor Contributing to Necessary Roof Repair & Replacement is Age

#2 is Poor Installation

The age old question, do I repair or do I replace? A roof is the single most important structure of your home. The average leak takes two to three years before you see it in your ceiling. They all start out as a pin hole and grow to much larger problems if neglected long enough. A roof is a big investment whether you repair or replace it. Keep in mind, your roof protects your home as well as its contents from rain, snow, ice and sunlight.

Things to consider:
  • Age of existing roof (according to shingle manufacturers most roofs are installed improperly & this will significantly reduce the life of your roof)
  • Condition of current roof components
  • Number of layers currently on roof (Maryland code is two layers max)
  • Repair will stand out and appear different than existing shingles.
  • Cost of Repairs:

    There are many factors contributing to the cost of a roof repair, the type of roof, pitch of roof, number of existing layers, existing materials used, materials necessary to perform repair, scope of repair, presence of mold as well as features on and around repair such as skylights, chimney’s, sidewalls, etc…

    Before you consider repairing, have a licensed and certified roofer thoroughly examine the entire roof structure. Access to the attic space when available is crucial. What we look for:

    • Aging
    • Proper ventilation
    • Signs of water infiltration (both minor and major)
    • Mold
    • Wood Rot
    • Were proper Installation procedures followed
    • Have code requirements been met
    • Granule loss
    • Cupping & Curling
    • Buckling
    • Fish Mouthing
    • Brittle
    • Blistering
    • Missing shingles
    • Loose shingles
    • Flashing damage
    • Rotting shingles
    • Signs of Ice damming
    • Structural damage

    Ask the following questions of any roofing contractor before deciding to repair or replace:

    Any quality contractor’s goal should be to educate and advise a prospective client. Be prepared, there are times when repairing just doesn’t make good sense!

    • What is the life expectancy of my current roof?
    • What signs of deterioration is the contractor noticing?
    • Is my roof properly ventilated?
    • Will the roof pass an inspection? (if no, replacing the roof is the only option)
    • Will you inspect the entire roof or just the area assumed to be leaking?
    • Will the repair match my existing roof or will it be visibly noticeable? (may not matter now but will when selling the home)
    • How many layers of shingles are existing?
    • How hard are leaks to find? (water takes the path of least resistance & a leak can originate quite a distance from where it is showing up)
    • Are they licensed in your state or using someone else’s license? (storm chaser tactic)
    • Are they properly insured, how much insurance do they carry?
    • What are their qualifications?
    • Can they or will they warranty the repair?

    Emergency Repairs

    Spots in your ceiling generally mean your roof has been leaking for quite some time, short of a recent weather event that damages your roof. If you have damage to your roof from a recent storm and or the elements coming in to your home, give us a call. Once your roof system is compromised it’s critical that you act quickly. Remodel Rx can get your leaking roof stabilized quickly.

    Do Roofs Require Maintenance?

    The answer is YES. Roofs require maintenance. Although a properly installed roof requires little maintenance, there are areas on every roof install that require maintenance. Any location that requires roof sealant will require re-sealing at some point. The shingles and other parts of your roof system are covered by the manufacturer if installed by a certified installer as well as installed properly. However, they do not cover components not manufactured by them. These can include substitute component’s used to increase profit or reduce price. Area’s of flashing and caulking are also not covered by manufacturer warranties and will need to be checked from time to time.

    The Remodel Rx Difference

    At Remodel Rx, we recognize many Maryland area homeowners seek the economy and reliability of shingle roofs. They are the single most popular roofing material used in the United States today, after all. If installed correctly an asphalt roof can offer decades of exceptional service. With regular inspections and maintenance from Remodel Rx, your home’s shingle roof may never need substantial shingle roof repair. But when you do, Remodel Rx will provide expert guidance and advice to do the job properly the first time, every time. We provide the “Proper Prescription to Solve Your Homes Health Concerns”.